Ask Carol

Carol Hunter travels extensively on an international basis and rarely has enough time allocated to provide answers for all the questions received during her events. In addition, she also receives a plethora of email questions on a weekly basis or requests for personal one-on-one coaching sessions.

To resolve the dilemma of limited time, Carol has created a system that will enable her to provide answers to the questions received from her global audience. Oftentimes the questions are similar in nature, and would benefit a large majority of our website visitors.

Carol will group all questions received into different categories (i.e. bankruptcy, credit repair, etc.). The questions followed by the answers will be added to the frequently asked questions section, and will remain on the site 15-30 days.

Carol Hunter receives all questions and desires to provide the answers and solutions at this time as opposed to distributing the questions to a financial team. Therefore, it is not possible for her to return individual answers to every question received. So we request that you allow 5-7 business days for your answer to appear in the frequently asked questions section.

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