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Carol Hunter is a trail blazing, industry-edge personal finance expert who brings nearly 30 years of experiential results to lives globally.


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Carol, a very sought after Keynote speaker and Personal Finance Expert, is on a mission to educate and raise awareness about…

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Praise For Carol

I heard about Carol Hunter through a retreat I attended back in 2007. She spoke about taking control of your finances and I was immediately drawn to her passion and desire to help others get out of debt.

When I first met Carol, I was $1.3 million in debt that resulted from a real estate investment venture that turned upside down during the 2008 recession.

Carol gave me sound but simple advice in February 2007. I implemented her advice and today I am totally debt free! Her financial programs and systems along with one-to-one mentoring sessions with her were most helpful to me on my journey to financial freedom.

I would recommend Carol Hunter to any person who is having a hard time taking control of their finances. As a Coach and Mentor, she is genuinely concerned about her clients because her passion drives her to effect change in the lives of others.

Jonelle Rocke

I have been following the financial mentoring of Carol Hunter for about 20 years plus. I have participated in 3 programs under her guidance. Through her teachings and mentoring, my husband and I have been able to live a financially sound life, establish and maintain an emergency account and prepare for retirement.

Her programs will help you to assess your current financial situation, set realistic financial and personal goals, develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals, put your plan into action and monitor its progress, stay on track to meet changing goals, and personal circumstances.

From her mentoring and training we have the freedom to enjoy those spontaneous moments in life; emergencies and vacations without constantly having to worry.

Sharon Robinson

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