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Finally, there is a crystalized answer to fixing the “money problem.”


  • to make whole, sound, or usable by repairing
  • to remove or correct defects or errors in
  • to set right, make better, improve

The Money Mender, Carol A. Hunter, is a trail blazing, industry-edge personal finance expert who brings nearly 30 years of experiential results to lives globally. Today, women are on the rise and on the move. Opportunities are increasing daily for savvy career professionals and small business owners, who are looking to stop the financial bleeding, take back control and create their own wealth.

Often many may still view “money” as a taboo subject. However, The Money Mender is rapidly dispersing this stigma by helping others to tackle their toughest money issues-head on! Her brand signature is her unique ability to dismantle complex financial concepts and principles and skillfully deliver them into bite-sized, digestible pieces that do not irritate, intimidate or overwhelm.

What makes The Money Mender reign as the clear choice and trusted voice in today’s marketplace:

  • Openness, Authenticity And Loves People
  • Bona-Fide Subject Matter Expert And Strategist
  • Leads With A Servant’s Heart
  • Relevant And Responsive In What’s Happening In The Industry
  • Champion and Partner In Your Success
  • High Standards Of Integrity, Excellence And Efficiency
  • Genuinely Cares About Her Clients And Mentees
  • Pours Out Tirelessly To Ensure That You Are Well-Educated and Equipped
  • Builds Unity & Culture That Impacts Communities And Nations
  • Goes Above And Beyond In World-Class Program And Product Offerings
  • Proven Track Record Of Consistency, Success And RESULTS
  • Compassion That Extends Far Beyond Your Financial Health

“Mending money is not a career choice or mere vocation for me. This is my Life’s Work. This is why I’ve dedicated 3 decades to helping others achieve financial freedom and success.” – Carol A. Hunter, The Money Mender

As the CEO of Carol Hunter Global (CHG) and founder of Carol Hunter University, Carol provides financial mentoring and support to professional, high-achieving women with busy lifestyles that prefer a virtual learning environment. Hunter is also the founder of Prosperity Unlimited, Inc., and is in active partnership with financial institutions, community initiatives, colleges, churches and The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to provide personal financial literacy and education to economically underserved communities. Carol has been exclusively featured or invited as a guest contributor offering financial expertise across several media outlets including FOX, TBN, The Huffington Post, Atlanta 57, BET, Atlanta Tribune and The Word Network.

Escaping from childhood poverty to financial freedom and business ownership, Carol created several proven Financial Management Systems designed to expedite the restoration (mending process) of broken finances, eliminate hyper-consumption, and create a shift in your money mindset.

  • Do you feel like you’re completely paralyzed because of debt and financial pressure?
  • Are you ashamed to talk about your finances?
  • Are you afraid to even know where you are in terms of your financial affairs?
  • Have you abandoned your finances totally because you’re overwhelmed?
  • Are you totally shut down and don’t have the energy to deal with this area of your life?
  • Do you feel that you are stuck in reverse, and don’t know where to turn to next?
  • Are you developing internal stress and mental duress because of financial or money woes?
  • Are your relationships suffering because of your inability to manage money?
  • Have you lost your internal happiness, joy, and zeal for living your best life?

The Money Mender has fully supported professional and entrepreneurial women around the world. This savvy, serial entrepreneur achieved multi-millionaire status by the age of 37. Since then, she has been helping and educating others in financial literacy, money management and business strategies as a thought leader, mentor, keynote speaker and author.

“For 3 decades, I have helped thousands of women transform their entire lives through proven systems and solutions to Achieve A Lifestyle of Financial Freedom” – Carol A. Hunter, The Money Mender


When you make the decision to EXECUTE – you’re taking back your power and giving yourself permission to break the chains of financial bondage FOREVER.

  • No more delayed dreams and destinies.
  • No more broken relationships and families.
  • No more tear-stained pillows wondering where the money will come from.
  • No more suffocating debt and financial distress.
  • No more nightmares and the inducing of physical and mental stress.
  • No more SILENT SUFFERING when it comes to your finances.

The truth is-you already know what you need to do! You will not be the one who will allow this critical life area to cripple and choke the very life out of you, the ones you love, and the next generation.

Today, your FREEDOM PAPERS have been served and you hold the passport to propel your life into another DIMENSION!

“I’m delighted to offer coaching and mentoring programs packed with a plethora of information, resources, accountability and a community of like-minded, professional women that will enable you to mend your money and elevate you to the next level of ultimate financial freedom.” – Carol A. Hunter, The Money Mender

If you are READY to take back control of and FULLY OWN your financial destiny, the 6-month EXECUTE program is a small investment and sacrifice that will yield LIFETIME results.

Some of What You’ll Get In Your EXECUTE Program:

  • Live Mastermind Coaching Monthly Calls
  • Breakthrough Strategies For Financial Freedom
  • Private Group Coaching Opportunities
  • Cutting Edge Assignments That Produce Results
  • Systems, Tools, References And Resources
  • Marketplace Strategies For Small Business

“So now is a great time to regain control of your financial life in preparation for elevation. The registration process is seamless and a monthly payment plan option is available.” – Carol A. Hunter, The Money Mender

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